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Our objective was to create the biggest collection of organs in the entire world. Well, we have reached this destination.
In 1996 we got an entry in the  GUINNES-BOOK of world-records.
We´d like to thank all the people, who are fans of organs and fans of everything about pipeorgan and who have sent their information to us, helping  us to built the organ Data Base and a homepage.

However, like everything in life, some special things has a never ending story. That´s the reason for this "new" homepage. It has the assignment, to give you more information about pipeorgan and to animate you again, helping us collecting more and more details, pictures and further information of organs in the world. Please help us with your suggestions, sendings and commentaries. 

On this website, you will find a lot of opportunities, to get in contact with us. In addition to that, we´ll like to inform you more than "normal" organfans, to enhance your knowledge and to give it to every person you like.







The Collection 

Number of Records


Number of Organ-Pictures


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Number of Directories


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Number of Ladetypen


Number of Organ-Builders




We offer on our  products-page the last update of the database (at this point of time, about 129000 organs / 11500 pictures) on a compact disc. There you´ll find information how to order the CD and a lot of additional information to the subject "organdatabase". The inventory is updating permanently, so in steady intervals there´ll be a new update of the cd. 




List of  Publications:

Orgeln im Westerwald Jahrbuch Kreissparkasse 1996

Artikel im Heimatbuch Mayen-Koblenz 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

Artikel im Heimatbuch Bad Ems 1998

Artikel im Heimatbuch Westerwald 1998

45 Artikel in der Westerwälder Zeitung über Orgeln



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