Our product is the
  biggest organdatabase on earth.
The collection has raised up during the last years. We have reached this with own researches and of course with the help of our friends, and organ-friends in the entire world, who sent pictures and a lot of other informations.

If you like to support our work, please take a look at the contactpage.

If you would like to send us pictures, information or something like this, please read our participate-conditions.





each new database-record

0,03 €

each correcting database-record

0,03 €

each original-photo(with copyright)

0,25 €

(max salary 25,00 €)




We offer:

Organdatabase CD Version 20.0 Windows

      25  € 

Organdatabase - Update on CD, occurs
 2 times a year 

    12,50 €

The delivery is on account. The shipping costs are on us !!!.


We search:





brochures from organbuilders

private organ-pictures


Homebooks and regional articles about organs

Everything to exchange and to buy



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